Will Honeycomb Carton be better?

SoBuy plans to achieve 100% packaging upgrades for new products by the end of 2023, from currently foam cartons to 100% recyclable honeycomb cartons. We are eager to hear about your feedback on our new packaging, which will help us to continuously improve our products. 

Thank you so much for your contribution to protecting the environment as well.

As always, the information that you provide will be kept confidential in accordance with SoBuy’s Privacy Policy.  

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the honeycomb carton?

How would you rate the aesthetics of our packaging design?

How would you rate the quality of our packaging design?

Does our packaging adequately protect our products from damage in transit?

Do you have any other comments about our packaging?

💝 Participate in our questionnaire and we will select 3 lucky people. They will get a piece of beautiful furniture. 

The lucky draw results will be posted on our official instagram account every month.

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